Javed Akhtar

Cambridge Certified Facilitator, Trainer & Coach | Former Head of Training & Development – GSK

Javed Akhtar specializes in Advanced Facilitation, Training and Coaching Skills from Cambridge University UK. He has three International Tutor Accreditation Awards to his credit. Javed has an international exposure of working with Lead Trainers at Workshops, Seminars and Tutor Forums in 12 different countries of the world.

Javed has rich & diversified work experience of over 35 years in Sales Management, Corporate Training, on job Coaching & Human Resource Development. He has trained over 4000 participants and spent 15 years in training & development at GSK. For his last five years at job, Javed was Head of Training & Development at GlaxoSmithKline for Pakistan, Iran and Afghanistan.

Javed is an enthusiastic trainer and a passionate coach with a striking motivational style of facilitation. He believes that professionalism is Earned through experience and Learned through effective training & coaching. Javed is dedicated to people development and looks for opportunities to help them Learn, Perform, GROW…and emerge as successful individuals in their lives and highly productive for their organizations.